Tyler Kealey has been a staple of the live music scene in Ottawa since the early 2000s. Performing his piano-pop and vocal act three to four times a week over the last decade has cemented his raw talent and ability to connect with live audiences into a formidable force, bringing originality to each performance.

His latest album, And Somehow I Fell Upon This Place, is a journey from the dark to the light, a story dipping into emotion and intensity that’s both haunting and hopeful. Recorded at Operation Northwoods with renowned producer Darryl Neudorf, the songs range from gritty to smooth and incorporate pop piano with an indie rock sound.
As a musician making playing covers but writing original music as well, Tyler decided to embark on a challenge in 2014 to record a song video every day, as a way to tackle and put his own creative stamp on some songs written by the world's best songwriters. 

He's also recorded an original song once a week, sometime writing a new song and other times polishing up an old demo. Tyler collaborated with cellist Mike Yates to record his song Dandelion in a local church,  filmed another original song, Following the Full Moonlight with an a capella choir arrangement.

One of the best parts about the song project is the focus Tyler has been able to put on some of Ottawa finest musicians, collaborating in videos with Ben Cooper, Shawn Tavenier, Jon and Olenka from Amos the Transparent, The Monroe Sisters, and Charlie Major. He brought together a great group of Ottawa musicians to record the final song of the year, an original one fittingly called The Last Song.

He's been praised by his video covers by Lawrence Gowan, and invited to submit his cover of Taxi to the Harry Chapin online radio station. His video highlighting the Silly Walks sign on Ottawa's Sparks Street was featured on CTV news, and he's been on local TV (see a segment on CTV's Regional Contact here) and radio, including CBC's Ottawa Morning to talk about the project.