Show at Quinn's 

I'll be playing an afternoon show with the one and only John Allaire at Quinn's on Bank Street, on Saturday October 19 from 3pm - 5pm.  We'll each do a set of original music and then come together for a third set and jam out some songs. This is the thrid year running I've been a guest of the John Allaire show at Quinn's and it's always a great time.

POP Montreal 2013 

POP Montreal happened last weekend and I was lucky enough to play a showcase set at O Patro Vys, a nice little club in Montreal. It's a longer way to go for a gig then simply picking one up in Ottawa, but when I get a chance to showcase my own music, most always worth it.  

It's funny because I played in POP Montreal last year filling in on keyboards for the band Silver Creek. I remember quite well that year I stepped out onto the street to get across to the venue and something distracted me, the next thing I knew a car ran right over my foot. It happened so fast it took me a minute to realize what had happened. Luckily I didn't break my foot although it was a bit sore, but this year I was on the look out before crossing . This year however,  in the midst of looking out for on coming cars, Steph (my drummer) and myself were nearly run down by a bicycle!

Nontheless we enjoyed playing our show and featured several of the songs off my recent album.  I also tested out a new song called "The Writing on the Wall," playing around with mixing up the sounds on my two keyboards.  It was nice to see a few familiar faces in the crowd, and hopefully the new ones enjoyed our show as well.

Tyler Kealey at The Branch Restaurant 

The Branch Restaurant and Texas Grill is a great little venue off the beaten path in Kemptville, Ontario and I've been looking forward to playing here for quite some time!

I'll be playing a couple of sets of original music joined by Garney Paterson (bass), Steph McAlear (drums) and Mike Yates (cello).

The food is excellent as well and folks who come in for dinner before the show will be given priority for seating and tables. 

613-258-3737 to reserve a spot
9pm show start

Hope to see you there!

Southern Souls Session 

I did a video recording session on a hot sticky day in July with Mitch Fillion of Southern Souls. I was really lucky to have a special guest join my trio - Alex McMaster on cello. The song is Comes and Goes, from my new album, and it's about a sudden strike of inspiration - comparing it to an idea entering your mind, like a drift of wind coming through a window into your house, and you try to catch it before it escapes. We filmed in a studio in Toronto and I'm happy with how it came out.


The Barstool Prophets: Now and Then
From WileyPalooza in 98 to opening the show in 2013.

Playing at the 1st Ottawa Polo Invitational Tournament
Kind of a different event for me, playing music and watching a polo match at the same time.

Backstage at the Cornwall Lift-off
Adventures playing a great festival in Cornwall, Ontario this summer.

Inside the Barney Danson Theatre - RBC Ottawa Bluesfest 2012
I played an intimate, indoor show at the 2012 Ottawa Bluesfest this year - perfect venue for my new songs.

Bluesfest Interview in the Digital Lounge
Quick interview with Lynn Saxburg of the Ottawa Citizen in the Digital lounge, pre-Bluesfest.

"And Somehow I Fell Upon This Place" - My CD Release
I released my new CD on June 24th - great show, great crowd, very happy to officially share my new songs!

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