Song 365: The Last Song (Tyler Kealey)

Can you believe it? 365 songs this year, and I haven't gone insane (I don't think?) For my final song of the year, I thought I would come full circle and record the same song I did on day 1…Read more

Song 364: Years May Come (Irish Rovers)

Well, this is it! The second last song for the year and then this project is done. Today I set up my camera on a tripod and caught my reflection in the piano. I thought it was fitting since I…Read more

Song 363: Bad Fragrance (Eric Eggleston)

It was really great getting together with Eric Eggleston for a tune for this song a day challenge. Eric and I have known each other for a long time and we have played a lot of music together in the…Read more

Song 362: I'm So Tired (The Beatles)

This song a day project is getting close to the end and while it's fun doing a video every day, and I think I've pushed myself both creatively and in terms of pressure to get one done every day, I'm…Read more

Song 361: Mr. Bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker)

There is a man in Ottawa who many musicians, festival-goers and patrons may know as "Dancing Roy". His name is Roy Cowan and he is a living example of a senior who keeps himself going by staying active. If you've…Read more

Song 360: Amazing Grace (cover)

Today was a special day for my wife's side of the family. Her Oma hasn't been so well lately and was able to come out of the hospital for six hours to enjoy a potluck turkey dinner, surrounded by family…Read more

Song 356: The Letter (The Box Tops) - cover

The world of Rock and Roll lost one of its legendary voices today. Rest in peace Mr. Joe Cocker. He has left behind an unforgettable legacy of music with a voice so soulful, gritty and unique. If you watch any…Read more

Song 355: Sunday Morning (Maroon 5) - cover

Sunday morning. It's one of my favourite days of the week - the beginning of my weekend, I suppose, and today is one that I'm looking forward to. My good friends Shane and Maria are getting married this afternoon (Sunday…Read more