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Song 345: Weather With You (Crowded House) 

Heading out to play at the Marshes this cold evening, but first here is today's song of the...well...days, really. Filming the last part was especially difficult! This is a request that was made awhile ago on Facebook, for some Crowded House and I finally got this one done. Hope you enjoy.

Song 328: Home by Michael Bublé 

Over the last 11 months, people have made suggestions and requests for songs and while I can't get to each one, I've been trying to learn a few of these and today I was able to work on a song for Kim, who has been following my song a day project, commenting and sharing and I really appreciate the support that people like her have given me over this last year. It helps when I sit down to record a song each day, and so for today's song, I played a piano versions of Home by fellow Canadian Michael Bublé…Read more

Song 326: Waterfalls by TLC 

After dinner tonight we decided to go to a local indoor pool for a family swim. Although my parents take my son Julian for a weekly swimming lesson I haven't been to the pool with him much.

I couldn't get over his sheer excitement and the glee on his face - he's a pretty brave little fella with no fear of crashing through the mini waterfalls in the kiddie pool area, shrieking happily each time he burst through the cascade of water to see one of us on the other side.

He even sat down for a quiet moment to…Read more

Song 325: Can't Help Falling In Love by Elvis 

Apparently this is the last song Elvis played at his last live performance, in 1977. I was thinking of songs to cover today and started playing this one on the piano. I wanted to give it a bit of a different rhythm using the acoustic guitar as well. It's one that I have always liked and mostly knew, but haven't played it myself at a live show. So here is a little love song for your Saturday night.

Song 322: Eve of Destruction (Barry McGuire) 

It's been a real pleasure teaming up with some great musical friends that I have had the privilege of sharing the stage with in the past. This one is no exception. I had the privilege of playing keyboards in Charlie Major's band many years ago. I got to experience some unforgettable and fun gigs. I got to travel across Canada playing festivals, go on tour with ZZ Top, play a music awards show live on television- The list goes on and on...

Charlie and I got together to do a song that we both liked and that we…Read more

Song 309: The Scientist by Coldplay 

About a year ago, my wife and I walked into a local coffee shop with our son. The man ahead of us in line smiled and exchanged pleasantries with us. Then he fixed his gaze on our baby, and remarked that he had bright eyes. "Mark my words," he said intently, "this child will be a scientist."

I always thought my son would get some musical genes, some artistic genes, maybe a love for words, from us. But who knows - it's possible he'll follow in his aunt's footsteps instead.

Congrats to my sister, Chelsea - on…Read more

Song 308: Dreams by Fleetwood Mac 

Song 308 of this song a day challenge was an absolutely beautiful collaboration of music and filming. Jonathan Chandler and I had been talking about doing a song together for quite sometime but it was difficult to line up schedules. We finally found a date that worked and Jon brought Olenka Krystyna along for this recording. Dan Junkins did an amazing job filming/recording/editing this video and the end result is magic! Special thanks to Jay for the extra camera work!

If you love supporting local music, pick…Read more

Song 307: Minute by Tyler Kealey 

I have resurrected an another demo from the vault for Tyler Kealey Tuesday. This tune is about contemplating the passing of time while looking through old photos. It's heavy on the Supertramp influence and I like it that way. Here is my song "Minute."

Song 306: End Of the Line by The Traveling Wilburys 

Alllllright! Well I am on a bit of a Jeff Lynne kick lately and I was debating whether I should cover another tune that he helped bring to life or go with something else. Today I was wandering around the basement and found an old Jimi Hendrix poster that says "Purple Haze." I used to hang it up in my room when I was a teenager and I still have it.

It reminded me of a line from the song "End of the Line" by The Traveling Wilburys, which Jeff was a member of. I practiced the intro to this song a lot and it's…Read more