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Song 339: Only A Wish (Tyler Kealey) 

Tonight I'm excited to play a show at the NAC Fourth stage with a group of Ottawa singer/ songwriters. This show has a Christmas theme, and I had written a Christmas tune a little while back that I have never played live before. So this original song will get it's live debut tonight, on the grand piano at the NAC. Looking forward to hearing all the music!

Song 293: Wanda the Honda by Tyler Kealey 

For Tyler Kealey Tuesday, I challenged myself to write and record a brand new original song. The inspiration came from a friend of a friend named Teddi Firmi. Teddi came to see my show on Saturday night, one last time before heading out to Calgary in her trusty car which she named "Wanda the Honda." I read this from off of a request card that was on the piano Saturday night and the name stuck with me this week.

So with the help of Teddi's friend Danika Smith, I was able to finish my song today putting me at…Read more

Song 285: If You Love Me - Tyler Kealey 

Tyler Kealey Tuesday has challenged me to dig up some of my old demos of songs that never found their way onto an album. "If you love me" is one of the many that are still hiding in the vault. After recording the piano and vocal, I decided to have a little fun with the audio so I dug out my tenor sax (it's been a long time!) and made up some horn lines for this tune. Hope you enjoy!

Song 251: All Night Long (Tyler Kealey original) 

This project has kind of forced me to take some songs that have been sitting in rough demo form and pushed me to finish them up.  This song, like my song Baseball Diamond, is rooted in the close community of family and friends up in Venosta, Quebec.  Each year, after the ball games finish and the sun sets, we play music and party until the sun comes up.  In the lyrics I've picked out a few funny moments that I can recall from past years during some of the early hours.  It's about people having fun, but not…Read more

Song 215: Baseball Diamond by Tyler Kealey 

It's a magical thing when you write a song from your own perspective that means so much to yourself, and to have it then affect so many others and have it be meaningful to them.  I've always felt overwhelmed by how much people like this song and humbled to play it at the baseball tournament with everyone singing along year after year.  

I made a simple demo of this song back in 2009 and brought it to my good friend and producer Todd Huckabone.  I hadn't though too much about including this song on my…Read more

Song 140: Hats! 

This is an instrumental song I wrote for my wife a few years ago. She needed some music for a video project she was working on at the time. She wanted it to sound like something from the movie "Amelie" so this is what I came up with - a soothing piano and accordion instrumental track with tinges of fantasy. Happy Tyler Kealey Tuesday!

Song 126: Enemy by Tyler Kealey 

For this week's Tyler Kealey Tuesday, I chose a fitting song for Mental Health Awareness Week. This is a song I wrote about the realization that however difficult things may seem at times, it is so important to remember that you are not your enemy. Talk to someone close to you . They can help.