Song 108: Time is Gonna take your Love

I have had the privilege of playing music with many of my friends over the years. Shawn Tavenier and myself have worked together on musical endeavors since we first met in high school. Jeff Rogers and I have played and endless amount of duelling piano shows since we first met at Fat Tuesdays 11 years ago. Music aside, these guys are friends of mine and I have shared many memorable moments with them. We have been around for each other through the ups and downs of our lives and and its easy to talk with other people who are living the same career as myself.

An opportunity for escape presented itself thursday night. Shawn found himself withot any gigs for the weekend and so he decided to head up to his chalet in Calabogie which is known to many of our musical friends as "Bonnie Doon". He invited any musician friends that were free on the weekend to join him. I decided that I would make my way up there after my gig late Thursday night. Jeff was also playing thursday night and decided to make the trip up after his gig. The three of us rarely get a chance to hang out outside of our work environment so I was glad that the opportunity came up. I was especially eager to get some songwriting done with these two. There are too many times when I have said that I wanted to collaborate with these fellas. Shawn and Jeff are both going through a rough patch relationship wise at this time and I joked about it with them saying that I felt like an imposter amongst these two newly single friends. All joking aside, we did manage to pull together to contribute lyrics for some verses and a  chorus, a fitting chord progression and some great three part harmony. Here is a Tavenier/Rogers/Kealey tune called "Time is gonna take your love"