Song 119: Drown Out The Rain

The words to Drown out the Rain are taken from a personal experience of mine. Like writer's in any format often do,  I tried to make the story in this song very general without drawing attention to any specific names of people or places. The song describes the violent change of mood in someone who has trouble handling alcohol at a gathering of friends. As the emotional mood of the main character escalates it parells with the stormy weather taking place outside at the same time.  My friend Steph McAlear who played drums on the studio recording of this song did an amazing job imitating a thunder storm using a selection of mallets and symbols, different snare tunings and a unique rhythm pattern that further illustrated the imagery for this song. This evening I took the opportunity to do a simple acoustic guitar version of the song just like it was when I first wrote it. Here is "Drown out the Rain."