Song 125: Favorite Mistake

I first saw Sheryl Crow live at a concert in Ottawa called "Another Roadside Attraction." Not only was her voice amazing but she moved around the stage playing different instruments, one of which was a Hammond B3.  I've been a fan of her music for a long time and I have seen her live many times since. Her pop hits like "All I wanna do" have great hooks and catchy melodies. I love the way her lyrics in that song tumble out like the recitation of a journal entry and she delivers them in a way that seems very Bob Dylan like.

I think her song "Strong Enough"  is probably one of my favourites of all time. "Lie to me, I promise I'll believe" - what a great line!  I used to listen to songs like "Weather Channel" off the album "C'mon, C'mon"  over and over because the arrangement of the strings and acoustic guitar sounded so good.

For today's song I decided to cover "Favorite Mistake" by Sheryl Crow because not only do I love the song, but there is actually a version of it out there that is pared down to just her voice and keyboards. Like many of her songs, the chord changes in the bridge are clever and creative and that always gets my attention when I am listening to a song.