Song 129: The Wind Cries Mary by Jimi Hendrix

Here is another tune that Jamie Cullum covered on his Album Twenty Something. The Wind Cries Mary” is a Jimi Hendrix song that I have always liked but I really liked Jamie Cullum’s take on it. In Cullum's recording, he adds a horn line in between the main riff which creates a little bit of a call and answer musical moment. Jamie’s version of the song is a little more on the funkier side but feels just as loose and relaxed as the original. Whenever I play this song, I like to do it in the arrangement that Jamie did it in. I like to add the horn line on the keyboards because it fits in the space so well. It's too bad I wasn't around on the planet at a time to see a Jimi Hendrix show. Hopefully I can catch a Jamie Cullum show on this planet before I leave it.