Song 130: Mama Tried

I have been listening to Merle Haggard since I was a kid. My great uncle Ray Sullivan still sings and plays his tunes on the guitar and he does a great job! Merle’s songs are a quality of songwriting that quite frankly in my opinion is missing in what passes for country music these days.

When a song like Mama Tried comes on, it is instantly recognizable from the opening guitar riff of bending notes and that twang tone that makes country guitar so unique in style among blues or rock or pop. Mama Tried is one of many of Merle’s songs that describe the hard luck story of the main character. I find that there is a more truthful quality to his lyrics. Merle has had a rough life and like many good songwriters, I'm sure he draws from his pain to create such wonderful music and that makes me love his music more. Merle isn’t your run of the mill country star with  a cowboy hat singing about pick up trucks and beer.  He’s the real deal. Here is my cover of Mama Tried.