Song 135: Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana

It's funny to see how much my musical tastes have changed singe I was 13. I remember  how popular Nirvana was then. I must admit I was a bit of a music snob during those years. I didn't  really like anything new that was coming out. I stuck to my interest of The Beatles,  The Doors and Jimi Hendrix. It wasn't until my later teens and early twenties that I started to listen a little closer and recognize the great  melodies and chord changes in a lot of Nirvana's music. I am still intrigued by the strange and unusual lyrics in songs like "Heart Shaped Box."   There are lines in the verses that paint weird imagery - "Meat-eating orchids forgive no one just yet. Cut myself on Angel's hair and baby's breath."   I didn't know that baby's breath was a flower did you?

Today Ryan MacIntyre, Matt Morel and myself got together at Pebble Studios in Barrhaven to come up with an acoustic version of this song. I really enjoyed harmonizing and trading off vocal lines with Ryan. I thought our voices blended well together. It was my first time meeting and playing with Matt and he is a good player. We chatted all about music and people we knew in common in the Ottawa scene. He's a great guy and it would be fun to do more musical projects with both those fellas in the future. Here is our cover of Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana.