Song 183 - Imagine by John Lennon

Half of 365 is 182.5, so I’m right at the halfway point of my video a day project.  It’s interesting to look back at the last 6 months. Originally I set out to do this as a way to showcase covers that I like and my original music in video form.

Music can be a daunting career, and part of this is making me stop and think about the music that I love, the songs I have learned because I love it, but I’m not sure if this project is helping boost my profile as a musician, or getting in the way of my focus by eating up time I could be spending on other things.

Sometimes I watch my videos and cringe, knowing that if I had a bit more time I could have done a better version of a song, and other times I feel happy with what I’ve accomplished and recorded.  Every day I spend a good amount of time thinking of a song, learning or practicing it, filming it, editing and then uploading. It’s been a learning process for me. Some days go better than others depending on what else is going on.

A lot can happen in a day - inspiration can strike with a theme or a creative idea, and other days I’m racing the clock to get it done while watching my son during the day and gigging at night - and the videos are a bit of a neat time capsule that way.

For today's song, I decided to try out some new microphones I rented, and played a song that's always inspired me.  I grew up listening to it, and learned it early on.  Here is my piano and vocal cover of Imagine by John Lennon.