Song 209: Light My Fire by The Doors

This song will always remind me of one of the stops on my tour of China in 2012.  I had played a show to an all-Chinese audience at a music club in Xi'an and yet it was probably the best crowd response so far.  They were thrilled that I'd mastered a couple of simple phrases, and I felt grateful that they liked my songs enough to buy CDs and even ask for my autograph.  We had such a good time that on our second night in Xi'an, after a full day of sightseeing and taking in the Terra Cotta warriors, we headed back to the same club to check out the entertainment.

As it turned out, there was a Chinese duo playing American hits.  They did a cover of a Hank William's tune, right down to mimicking his voice, and then launched into a cover of this Doors song, Light my Fire.  I chatted a bit with the guys afterwards and learned that they'd memorized the sounds of the song, singing it without really knowing what the words were and learning it all by ear.

The Door have always been an influence on me (especially Ray Manzarek’s playing) and I've always found their music to be challenging and interesting amongst the psychedelic rock music of their era. On this day in 1967, Light My Fire topped the US charts and so for today's song I chose to play a version of it.