Song 215: Baseball Diamond by Tyler Kealey

It's a magical thing when you write a song from your own perspective that means so much to yourself, and to have it then affect so many others and have it be meaningful to them.  I've always felt overwhelmed by how much people like this song and humbled to play it at the baseball tournament with everyone singing along year after year.  

I made a simple demo of this song back in 2009 and brought it to my good friend and producer Todd Huckabone.  I hadn't though too much about including this song on my upcoming CD but of all the songs that Todd listened to, it stood out.  I remember him stopping and saying - now this song is a good one.  Since then, I've gotten so many compliments and comments from people who also enjoy it and I feel pretty proud of it - I'm glad it's become meaningful to other people.

The baseball tournament is an amazing thing that happens every year with my extended family, and it's a special thing when you can walk around in this little community and bump into anyone from any of the clans, and feel safe and welcome with anyone you talk to.  Like most community events, people don't always see everything that happens behind the scenes. At the end of the night when everyone's finally finished partying, the organizers are still tirelessly cleaning up and preparing for the next day's events. Things like this don't continue for 20 years without that kind of dedication and support.

I knew this song was going to be an important one in my song a day project this year, so to make this video meaningful, I wanted to re-record it in the place where the song first came to life, with the person who helped me shape it.  We filmed a live off the floor take of the song at Todd's studio in Chelsea, Quebec, and also spliced in several fun moments that took place during the clan tournament this year. While this song is written about the baseball diamond, it's meant to be a metaphor for life: the ups and downs, the relationships that you cultivate as every year passes, and the things that you come back to every year.