Song 222: Theme song to....Caillou!

After having the weekend all to myself, my family arrived home late last night, and it's back to regular programming here at my place. While they were gone, I tried to do some odd chores around the house, that I've been meaning to get to and one was cleaning out the basement storage.  While I was doing this I found a ukelele that someone had given me awhile ago.  Since Julian has his own little piano, I thought he might like his own little guitar to go with it (he keeps reaching for mine).  The funny thing is, since it's sitting around in plain view now, I find myself picking it up and playing around, figuring out a chord here and there, and now that I'm back in Daddy mode today, I decided to play a tune that seems to be stuck in my head because I hear it most mornings nowadays.

So here it is on the ukelele - the theme song to that popular TV show, Caillou!