Song 223: Why Don't We Go Walking in the Rain

Today I made my song a day challenge extra challenging.  I was booked to play an outdoor show at the World Exchange Plaza with my good friend Jeff Rogers, but unfortunately the whole day was rained out.  It's too bad - I was looking forward to filming my song today with Jeff, so I had to make a plan B.  While I was trying to think of what song to play, I decided I'd try to just write one today.  I haven't been able to find the time to write much lately and the theme of the song developed while I was thinking that maybe it would be easier not to, telling myself I might not be able to do it and it might be a waste of time.  

At the same time, I was thinking about how it was raining outside and how easy it is to just stay inside and not do something so those two thoughts converged for me.  I started playing around on the guitar and wrote down a few short lines - about the weather and not feeling inspired.  I left it alone for awhile and then revisited it on the piano, changing the chord structure and the tempo got faster as I developed the theme a bit more as I played through it.

It's hard to impose a timeframe on writing a song and it's not something I normally do, but then this whole year of recording a song every day really puts the pressure on to produce something anyways.  So here's today's song - it's sort of an idea, in it's first draft that may change.