Song 227: Something by The Beatles

One of the best and most important concerts I've ever been to was Paul McCartney in 2011. Being 50 feet away from my musical hero was emotional and inspiring. Paul was in incredible form - every song was amazing. He sang and played with conviction and one of the things he does live is a version of George Harrison's "Something."

He talked about the song before playing it, explaining how many times when they’d hang out, George would get out the ukelele and then they'd play together. So in tribute to George, Paul played the first part of this song on ukelele. It was neat to hear Paul play a George song and fitting to hear him accompany it with that instrument. Then halfway through the song, the entire band kicked in with the original version.

Since I recently found a ukelele in the house, I can't seem to stop picking it up and playing around on it. So for today's song, I thought I would play a version of Something. I really love playing it on the piano, but since I'm learning the ukelele as well I thought I'd try the Paul McCartney approach and combine both for the video.