Song 228: Always Look On The Bright Side of Life - Eric Idle

The idea for today's song came about when I read that there had recently been a Silly Walk sign installed in my hometown of Ottawa, along an intersection on Sparks Street (a outdoor pedestrian mall in the downtown area).  Just like my video of Canadian songs filmed on the canal, I had some help with family and friends making cameos throughout the song.  I'm a big Monty Python fan - I Love The Holy Grail and Life of Brian, plus all the silly sketches like The Argument and Dead Parrot sketches.   I once met John Cleese in New York City - I was walking around the lobby during an intermission of a musical theatre show and I spotted him near a staircase.  I was so starstruck that I just blurted out "John?" and he said "Yes?"  and I just said, "Hi."

It was funny watching people's reactions to us as we quickly filmed the song - quite a few people stopped to look and we had fun with it.  Hope you enjoy!