Song 236: Ooh La La by The Faces

I was completely inspired for this post today by a documentary that I watched last night on Netflix.  It was referred to me by some people over the past week and it's called Mortified.  The documentary is about a group of brave people who stand up and read journal entries from their late childhood to their teenage years out loud.  The entries are very personal excerpts of thoughts and feelings and seem quite funny when read out loud years later.

These entries are embarrassing and hilarious but both the readers and audience share in the laughter and uncomfortableness which makes it an interesting shared experience - laughing with each other in an almost therapeutic way.  The topics ranged from naive teenage relationships to being angry at their parents and projections into their futures.  There was even a guy who had fantasized about joining a heavy metal band, writing songs and drawing picture of himself with his imaginary bandmates touring the world.  

I really loved it because it was so neat to see people be so vulnerable and reveal themselves so candidly.  It made me think about the journals that I've kept, the stories I've tried to go back and write about early memories.  I watched the documentary right to the end of the credits and the song that came on was a song by The Faces called Ooh La La and the chorus of the song was very fitting: "I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger."

I told my wife Melanie that I wanted to play that song for today's post because I liked the movie so much and she suggested taking a trip out to the house where I grew up - a tiny little house on Raven Street.  We knocked on the door of my old childhood house and there was a last named Celeste there.  I explained that I used to live there and asked if I could film a song outside.  She was more than happy to let us do that and was very gracious about it, so here I am, in front of a big tree that used to be so tiny, all those years ago.