Song 245: House of the Rising Sun by The Animals

Sometimes doing this challenge is a bit of a struggle in the midst of life, after a busy weekend and then full throttle back into the weekday routine.  So in the interest of time today, I thought I'd try something simple and went through a few songs on the piano upstairs. 

By the time I got downstairs and picked up my guitar, though, a totally different idea came into my head.  The House of the Rising Sun is probably most well known by the recording done by the Animals but it's been recorded by many other artists over time.  I wanted to do something different with it, and I really liked the idea of strumming my acoustic guitar at a ferocious pace to match the song's energy (plus it's just really fun).  It's also a song I can manage to scream out in the key of A minor. 

I recorded the guitar first, purposely leaving some space for my accordion to fill in the solo. It's the first time during this challenge that I've tried recording straight into my computer using my accordion's new pickup and I experimented with the sound, adding some effects, so in the end it comes across with almost more of a distorted organ sound.  I'm happy with the results though and I hope you enjoy it too.