Song 258: All The Little Things (Brownrigg/Kealey)

Today was a pretty inspiring and motivating day.  I headed over to record a song with Joe Brownrigg. He's a father of three, works a demanding job and is also a prolific songwriter - writing as much or more material than a lot of artists I know.  I've worked with Joe in the past, recording piano on one of his recent albums, and I've known of him for years in the small circle of Ottawa musicians, we've crossed paths many times.  When I asked him if he'd like to record a video with me, he was enthusiastic and proactive, coming up with ideas and really making it easy to put together a song.  He's is great at time management and took charge to make sure we'd accomplish the goal with the time we had. 

We sat down last night, and Joe had come up with a simple chorus and a couple of verses and played me a bit of the song, explaining that lyrically he'd been thinking lately about how human beings are such a small speck of dust in the grand scheme of the entire world.  We're always aiming to change and improve things, striving for more and more success but in the end, the only thing we can control is our happiness with what we have.  This is pretty inspiring to me, coming from someone with so much on their plate. We sat down and worked out a few more verses and developed the theme a bit more: simple happiness, and the choice to experience it, or not.

This morning we got together again and recorded it along with another good friend, Jeff Asselin on the drums.  I was really glad everything came together so quickly and I was able to edit together some video for today's video.  Hope you enjoy this one.