Song 259: Hurricane by Jacob Two-Two

Jacob Two Two was a really great sounding band composed of Ottawa musicians that I got to know during the late 90s.  They were a perfect blend of pop, funk and folk music and they once played a show at my high school.  I got to talking with them, and they invited me out to play a few shows as a special guest, like the main stage at Hope Beach one year. I remember my accordion strap broke during a song, but I managed to hold it together until the end of the song.  They were a fun live band and they kept things interesting on stage by switching instruments.

While they disbanded quite some time ago, they had a lot of catchy songs, but the one that always stuck out for me was called Hurricane. It has a simple but memorable melody in the verses and the chorus.  I've been thinking about learning and featuring song from artists that I've worked with, and this song pops into my head when I think about local artists and music that I've enjoyed here over the years.  So here is my piano version of Hurricane, by Jacob Two-Two.