Song 271: Lookin' Out My Back Door by Creedence Clearwater Revival

My parents still live in the house I grew up in. It has a nice, big backyard that they put a lot of time and love into. There are quirky creatures poking out of the garden, home grown veggies, a stone-lined pond with fish, and some classic kids toys.

It’s really a welcoming sight from inside and it’s pretty much the perfect place for my 18 month old son to play and explore. His imagination is growing and I love watching him in this yard, pulling his toy cat around in a wagon, opening the windows of his playhouse, or peeking out around the bushes playing hide and seek. This really fits well with today's song; I can just see him imagining all these fantastic creatures out the back door as he plays there.

So for today’s song of the day I thought I'd get some footage of us hanging out there as we often do on a nice summer (or warm fall) evening. Hope you enjoy.