Song 274: Autumn Leaves

The fall is upon us folks. I love this time of year. Yes the colours in the leaves are nice and Halloween is drawing closer every day, but I really love the fall because it means I can throw on a light jacket this time of year. Why is that so great you ask? Because now my keys, wallet and cell phone have a nice little home when I carry them along with me instead of in the pockets of my jeans which I find so irritating and uncomfortable!! (it's the little things in life that make the difference).

Today's song is a classic jazz standard called "Autumn Leaves." I recorded this one with the one and only Steve Boudreau. I have known Steve for a long time and he is one of this city's most accomplished piano players. It's always a pleasure and positive/learning experience to hear him play.

Steve had a great idea for this arrangement. He suggested that we both break into solos at the same time through the changes of the tune. It was a lot of fun hearing overlapping ideas fly by as we both improvised our way through the song, eventually bringing it back to the chorus. So we tried it out - hope you enjoy.