Song 311: Try by Blue Rodeo (Piano cover)

I have a good friend who I grew up with and share many family memories. His name is Rob and several years ago, he booked a tour for me in the country he now calls home - China.

We spent a month together there in 2010, travelled to 6 cities for shows plus Hong Kong, climbed the Great Wall, walked through the Forbidden City, saw the Terracotta Warriors and many other sights. Plus, playing music in a country where you don't speak the same language as your audience was a totally different experience.

It was really a once in a lifetime experience for me, and I'll always be grateful to him. Rob came to town this year to visit, and we hung out on a Thursday night - after my gig, we headed to get a drink at a nearby bar that also has an open mic night. I played this song that night, and I'm adding it to my song a day challenge today as a request for my buddy Rob. Here's a little bit of Canada for you!