Song 321: Characters by Tyler Kealey

Song #321 is a special one. It is one of the first songs I ever wrote. It is called Characters and I recorded it on my first full length album of the same name. It was the first song I had ever written from a personal experience.

Eighteen year ago yesterday, my family suffered a tragic loss after a car crash claimed the lives of my aunt Kathy, my uncle Guy, and my cousin Mike.

As a teenager during that time, I was trying to make sense of the sudden loss of these people in my life. I remember thinking about life and death and how the only immortal part of human beings are the life story they leave behind. Much like a character in a book, or a painting or a song.

I started writing down these thoughts and feelings and came up with a song that remained on a cassette tape as a demo for years. Since this song is a special one I wanted to incorporate the idea of people being frozen in time much like the way a painting captures people as they are in the present.

So I got in touch with the very talented and gracious Sharon Live Painter EP1C who drove all the way from New Brunswick to do a live painting of myself, Todd Huckabone and Dave Kalil during our gig at The Marshes as we played the Characters for a packed audience. Hope you enjoy!