Song 322: Eve of Destruction (Barry McGuire)

It's been a real pleasure teaming up with some great musical friends that I have had the privilege of sharing the stage with in the past. This one is no exception. I had the privilege of playing keyboards in Charlie Major's band many years ago. I got to experience some unforgettable and fun gigs. I got to travel across Canada playing festivals, go on tour with ZZ Top, play a music awards show live on television- The list goes on and on...

Charlie and I got together to do a song that we both liked and that we thought we could bounce the verses back and forth with. It was recorded, and mixed by none other than the very talented Todd Huckabone at Mole Man Studios in Chelsea. It was so great catching up with Charlie and there is never a shortage of joking and laughing whenever we get together.

Here is our take on "Eve of Destruction" best known as recorded by Barry McGuire.