Song 326: Waterfalls by TLC

After dinner tonight we decided to go to a local indoor pool for a family swim. Although my parents take my son Julian for a weekly swimming lesson I haven't been to the pool with him much.

I couldn't get over his sheer excitement and the glee on his face - he's a pretty brave little fella with no fear of crashing through the mini waterfalls in the kiddie pool area, shrieking happily each time he burst through the cascade of water to see one of us on the other side.

He even sat down for a quiet moment to float a tiny toy boat and sang Row, Row, Row, Your Boat to himself.

Even though this trip to the pool was spur of the moment, it goes well with today's song of the day, filmed live at Fat Tuesdays. Here's Waterfalls (with a little Fresh Prince thrown in).