Song Eighty-Four: Annabelle

In my second last year of high school I went on a trip to New York city. Myself along with several other students spent a weekend in the big apple and it was a lot of fun. We arrived in New York on a big greyhound bus and we started in a hotel in New Jersey that was attached to Shopping Mall. One morning before the bus was to drive us into to the city I took a stroll into the mall section of the building and discovered a Baldwin piano tucked away in the corner. The minute I played it I was in love with the sound and the feel. I played it for a while and I almost lost track of time because my music teacher had to remind me that the bus was ready to leave and all the students were preparing to board.

I parted ways with the beautiful instrument and headed onto the bus to check out the big city for the first time. New York was amazing. I had a blast with my friends, sang with our vocal Jazz group on top of the empire State Building, met John Cleese and visited the John Lennon memorial site. Around this time I was taking my first shot at song writing and I had a chord progression and melody that needed some words. I thought of the piano in that New Jersey and so I developed a star crossed affair story between a musician and an instrument he encounters. The result was “Annabelle” and it made it my first professional recording in 2004. Here is the same song played on the same piano 10 years later.