Song Ninety-Nine: The Proposal

I often joke with people that I think the greatest test for a strong relationship is making it through the planning and organizing of your wedding. In my career as a musician I have played countless weddings that have ranged from very small celebrations to the most extravagant and outlandish affairs. I have seen really happy couples on their big day but I have also seen stressed out couples running around and worried or frustrated over minor details that didn't go according to plan.  

In my opinion, too many people are focused on their marriage as an event rather than a celebration of their love. The dress, the room, the music and the cake are really all  secondary. However you choose to celebrate  has little to do with the simple fact that you would like to share with your friends and family that you have found someone in this world that you love enough to make it through this world with them. 

Mel and I have been married for only 3 years. But one thing we knew when we planned our wedding was that it was more important for us to have a good and simple party with the people we loved, than to make things complicated and not enjoy our special day with our guests. That being said, I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to go above and beyond with a wedding if that is what both people want. 

Weddings in my family tend to be a lot of fun and this week has been no exception. This past Monday my younger cousin Dustin Sullivan to his lively wife Sarah Hamelin with around 60 friends and family and I was so glad to be there. Dustin and I are close in age. We grew up together at family functions, we fought and teased each other as kids, we lived together in our twenties and we even worked at Fat Tuesdays. He is my son's godfather and I really feel happy for him to make it to this stage in his life.

I decided to do this song as a reminder that weddings should be about celebrating the love that you have for the other person no matter where or how you do it. This is actually a demo that has been kicking around on my computer for quite sometime. Here is The Proposal.