Song Seventy-Seven: Learn To Walk

For the past couple of weeks, there has been a small red headed boy taking his first steps around our house and by this week, he is full on walking everywhere. Things really do speed up once you have a child. Watching someone learn to walk is an amazing thing and it's quite the evolutionary process. I remember how he rolled from his back to his front, then it was an army crawl across the carpet. I knew he was on the speedy path when he started pushing a toy cart by himself and now he is hands free and heading off on his own direction (scary) with stumbling steps like someone who had a few too many pints. I think he is really enjoying the freedom of getting from one place to another but I really have to watch out for him now especially that he is motoring all over the place.

Since it's a Tyler Kealey Tuesday, I thought my song “Learn to Walk” from my album “Characters” would be a good fit. It's funny thinking about where the inspiration for this song came from because although there is a child friendly bouncy beat to it, it's actually written about an old friend of mine named Frank Levin. Frank (also known as “Fish”) produced my first album, and he moved to China around 2007. While he was there he developed a tumour on his brain. Luckily he was able to find a brain surgeon in China who successfully removed the tumour.

Some of the side affects of the surgery were a little rough on Frank. He was subject to occasional epileptic fits and he had to re-learn how to walk again because of the disruption to his brain. I went to visit Frank in Shanghai in 2010 and he was doing much better. He was as busy as ever and still able to play keyboards, and he was walking on his own again.

If you just take this song at face value though, it's really just a simple song about reminding yourself to slow down and enjoy your life. People can get really busy and stressed so easily these days and if you're not careful you will burn yourself out.