Thirty-second song: The Dog is Dead

Happy February! I’m hoping to stay on track with the videos this month. In January, I posted a video every day, and it’s interesting to look at them all now and see what worked and what didn’t.  If you happen to want to watch or listen to them ALL IN A ROW - click here for the full playlist.

My most popular song was Hey Daddy by Anne Murray - over 500 views so far, and I’ve also had 2 requests at gigs for “the bathtub song.”
Second most popular is an Elvis medley I recorded with Dave Kalil.
And the least watched song so far is a cover of “Here Today” by Paul McCartney - but hey, at least it wasn’t an original song - which is what I will start February with.

This song is so new, it’s still in a fresh demo mode. It’s funny what can inspire you to write - this one came from a quick conversation over the phone with a friend. I asked him if he was busy, and he replied “nope…wife’s at work, kids are at school, the dog is dead.” He’d just recently put their family dog down, and it got me thinking about how it must feel after years of canine companionship to have that void during the day. And so the music for the chorus came.

Since he has also been trying to sell his house so I threw in references about trying to fix things up round the house and little about the process of buying and selling a place. It’s still a bit of a work in progress but here it is, so far.