Twenty-sixth song: Raincoat

Here is one from my latest record. It’s called “Raincoat” and it's one of those songs where I stumbled upon the chord progression while messing around on the piano. I drew inspiration for the lyrics of this song from the sound of the changing chords that I came up with. When I first nailed down how the chord progression was going to go I would play it over and over and try to imagine what kind of mood and emotion I felt as I played.

I felt that the emotion was gentle and consoling and so I started to write lyrics that matched this feeling. When I was done with it I realized it was a song sung from the perspective of someone who has unconditional love for someone. The raincoat was an analogy for a special person who you can always count on and who can protect you.

Today is Sunday and I love Sunday because its the one day that I usually have nothing on my schedule but a easy day at home with my family. This song makes me think of my son because as a parent I find myself striving to be a comforter, provider and a protector for this little guy for as long as I am around. Here is “Raincoat.”