Tyler Kealey has been a staple of the live music scene in Ottawa since the early 2000s. Performing his piano-pop and vocal act three to four times a week over the last decade has cemented his raw talent and ability to connect with live audiences into a formidable force, bringing originality to each performance.

His latest album, And Somehow I Fell Upon This Place, is a journey from the dark to the light, a story dipping into emotion and intensity that’s both haunting and hopeful. Recorded at Operation Northwoods with renowned producer Darryl Neudorf, the songs range from gritty to smooth and incorporate pop piano with an indie rock sound.

recent videos.

Recording a song every day this year has been a challenge - it pushes me creatively and I've been learning a lot, both on the recording and editing side, and also the art of sometimes just letting go a little bit. When you record a song each day, it can't be perfect, but looking back over the weeks and months I'm amazing that I’ve made it so far.

Whether it's rocking out with my son on our matching grand pianos, joining forces with family to play a song in a fancy car, doing the ALS ice bucket challenge, or being inspired to jot down an original tune, these videos are proving to be a memorable way to encapsulate this year. Thanks so much for following along here, or on my YouTube account or Facebook page.

upcoming shows.

We're coming up on the Fall season and I have a few fun events booked. I'm excited to be playing a house concert here in my home town, as well as a Movember fundraiser.  I'm also playing a few private events and parties, so be sure to check out my events page to come see me play at the Marshes in Kanata, or Fat Tuesdays in the ByWard Market.

silly walks on sparks street.

I recently decided to head down to a pedestrian street in my hometown of Ottawa, Canada where a Monty Python inspired Silly Walks sign was installed to encourage people to have a little fun. I'm a big Monty Python fan, so my sister-in-law helped film my song of the day that day on Sparks Street - we chose Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, and we had some great silly walkers come on out.

We filmed the song again for CTV News and had lots of people having fun with their silly walks.
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