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Song 107: Tommy's Ticket 

This is an original tune that I wrote a few years ago about a student I taught years and tears ago.  He had some brain damage that led him to not be able to communicate very well, but he loved music and it brought out something special that was a pleasure to see and I will always remember.  I often pull this song at house concerts and in more intimate venues.  This one's for him.


Song 106: Won't you be my Neighbor? 

Back to real life, and balancing my role as stay at home daddy and musician. This morning, I saw a Facebook post from Mr Rogers or Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (a great show I watched growing up in the 1980's) with a nice quote.  Then later this morning, there was a speedy delivery at my door from Purolator. This afternoon I was having a great chat with my neighbour who informed me that two new neighbours are moving in next door.  So during nap time, I threw on a sweater and tie and decided to do a version of the theme song to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: Won't you be my Neighbor?


Song 105: Sitting on the Dock of the Bay 

And now for my last song, shot in beautiful Jamaica.  We were sitting around the beach and wondering which song we all knew, then settled on Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding and gave it a go.  Here's our take, and not too bad for never having played or sang it together before.  Featuring Lauren Roy on vocals, and Jesse O'Connor on guitar and vocals.


Song 104: Sunny Afternoon 

When I began playing music, I had the privilege of learning to play with my older cousins in a country/rock group. I have mostly played with older musicians in my career but as far as family goes, I have many younger relatives that also sing and play and I have been so anxious to find opportunities to play with them. Jesse O’Connor is my younger cousin, with a gap in age between us but I get along with him so well that you wouldn’t know it.

Jesse has been playing guitar for many years and has definitely inherited the musical gene from his parents who also play and sing. When he was just a little kid, I remember how obsessed he was with ACDC and he used to do impressions of Beavis and and Butthead that always made me laugh. Jesse has a background with heavy Metal music but also hard rock, blues and as I found out this week, has some reggae up his sleeve as well.

We have never played professionally together but any time there is a family jam, I’m anxious to get sitting down with him and crank out some Foo Fighters, or obscure Beatles tracks from the White Album. Last year for the first time Jesse came up to a hunting camp that a lot of the men from my family take part in . The two of us played music all night and he was great! That night he sang a song that I hadn’t heard in years “ Sunny Afternoon” by The Kinks. This week was the perfect opportunity to do this song with him. This was fun!


Song 103: Walk on the Ocean 

Another fun family moment brought to you from the beautiful beaches in Jamaica. My sister learned this song by Toad the Wet Sprocket awhile ago and I've always enjoyed playing it with her. John Mayer also does a nice cover of this one. Percussion provided by Jordan Bowman.

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