Tyler Kealey has been a staple of the live music scene in Ottawa since the early 2000s. Performing his piano-based pop act three to four times a week over the last decade has cemented his raw talent and ability to connect with live audiences into a formidable force, bringing originality to each performance.

His latest album, And Somehow I Fell Upon This Place, is a journey from the dark to the light, a story dipping into emotion and intensity that’s both haunting and hopeful. Recorded at Operation Northwoods with renowned producer Darryl Neudorf, the songs range from gritty to smooth and incorporate pop piano with folk rock.


Sunday April 8th - NAC 4th Stage, 7:30pm 
Another Great Night Out 

This show consists of four local singer-songwriters coming together to trade songs and the stories behind them. I always enjoy playing alongside Shawn Tavenier, Megan Jerome, and Pat Moore, and any chance I get to play a real piano for a live audience is a rare treat.  We’re also joined by Pat McLaughlin for backup on mandolin and guitar. 

You can get tickets from me in person, or online at: https://nac-cna.ca/en/event/18897 

Friday April 20 - Bar Robo, 8:00pm 

This will be a show with my trio - myself on keys and vocals, Steph McAlear on drums, and Todd Huckabone holding down the bass. We’ve been rehearsing an energetic lineup of songs that should work well in this intimate venue.  Featuring opera singer-turned banjo-folk act Justin Ralph as the opener.  Tickets $10 at the door. 

Kaffé 1870 - Sunday April 29th, 6-8pm 

For all you up the liners, join me for an evening of solo tunes and a pint at the Kaffé!

Recent studio work.

Tyler has been working on a few new recordings with Eric of Johnny Hall Productions. With a goal of releasing some new music in 2018, the songs that have been coming to life in the studio are unlike anything else he's ever done. Check out my new track SPELL on the Music page for a sample.

He has also been reaching out in different directions, with more new music, recording an original track with Jon Chandler from Amos the Transparent at Shoebox Studios in Ottawa.

Some recent studio work includes accordion tracks for Brock Zeman’s latest release, Carnival, as well and some accordion and keyboard work for folk singer/songwriter David Olney.

Tyler also recently contributed some accordion parts for Celtic band Three Finger Shot's upcoming release.