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A Video A Day.

As a musician making playing covers but writing original music as well, Tyler decided to embark on a challenge in 2014 to record a song video every day, as a way to tackle and put his own creative stamp on some songs written by the world's best songwriters. 

He's also recorded an original song once a week, sometime writing a new song and other times polishing up an old demo. Tyler collaborated with cellist Mike Yates to record his song Dandelion in a local church,  filmed another original song, Following the Full Moonlight with a cappella group "Harmonic Generation" . 

One of the best parts about the song project is the focus Tyler has been able to put on some of Ottawa finest musicians, collaborating in videos with Ben Cooper, Shawn Tavenier, Jon and Olenka from Amos the Transparent, The Monroe Sisters, and Charlie Major. He brought together a great group of Ottawa musicians to record the final song of the year, an original one fittingly called The Last Song.

He's been praised by his video covers by Lawrence Gowan, and invited to submit his cover of Taxi to the Harry Chapin online radio station. His video highlighting the Silly Walks sign on Ottawa's Sparks Street was featured on CTV news, and he's been on local TV (see a segment on CTV's Regional Contact here) and radio, including CBC's Ottawa Morning to talk about the project.

Song 365: The Last Song (Tyler Kealey) 

Can you believe it? 365 songs this year, and I haven't gone insane (I don't think?) For my final song of the year, I thought I would come full circle and record the same song I did on day 1 - it's a song I wrote called The Last Song.

The words are, oddly enough about making it through something like this - pursuing music and maintaining integrity. I wasn't sure how I wanted to film it - on day 1 I used an iPhone cam and was alone at my piano. This time, I knew I wanted to include as many of the people who…Read more

Song 364: Years May Come (Irish Rovers) 

Well, this is it! The second last song for the year and then this project is done. Today I set up my camera on a tripod and caught my reflection in the piano. I thought it was fitting since I wanted to look back on the songs that I've played this year - the covers that I've interpreted, the original songs I've freshly written or dusted off, the collaborations with other Ottawa musicians, and the fun family musical moments - all captured on video, one a day, the sum of a year of celebrating the music that I…Read more

Song 363: Bad Fragrance (Eric Eggleston) 

It was really great getting together with Eric Eggleston for a tune for this song a day challenge. Eric and I have known each other for a long time and we have played a lot of music together in the past. He is one of the most creative people I have worked with. Eric is not only a great songwriter but he has kept himself busy writing and producing other artists at Johnny Hall productions here is Ottawa. We got together this evening and did a recording of a song that I originally recorded on with him during…Read more

Song 362: I'm So Tired (The Beatles) 

This song a day project is getting close to the end and while it's fun doing a video every day, and I think I've pushed myself both creatively and in terms of pressure to get one done every day, I'm kind of looking forward to it winding down so I can get some sleep and relax a bit.... Today's song of the day is a reflection of that and is probably the last Beatles tune I will post this year! Hope you enjoy.

Song 361: Mr. Bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker) 

There is a man in Ottawa who many musicians, festival-goers and patrons may know as "Dancing Roy". His name is Roy Cowan and he is a living example of a senior who keeps himself going by staying active. If you've been around Ottawa long enough, you may have seen Roy dancing at his own pace to the music performed at any of the local music festivals or establishments. You may even see him dancing to the music of a busker in the market sometimes. Roy has got to be in his mid to late 80s and he has a real…Read more

a video every day.

I've always felt caught between two worlds - on one hand, playing covers has been a saving grace that has kept me employed, has allowed me to learn and appreciate songs that were already written, and giving me an opportunity to practice and sharpen my performance skills. On the other hand, I've always felt the need to write original music and I love to play it but the audience isn't there in the same way. If I could sell enough albums to make another one, I'd be happy with that.

The idea of recording a video a day came about as a way to showcase covers and my original music, sharpen my ability to polish songs quickly, collaborate with other artists, and hopefully challenge myself to keep writing and keep contributing to the creative side of music as well.

To check out all the videos I've done so far keep an eye on these posts to the left, subscribe to my Youtube channel, or follow along on Facebook.  Thanks for watching!

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