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While live music is on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been putting on live stream shows from my basement. It's a family affair, with my wife joining me for a song here and there, my son pitching in on the drums, and my younger son hanging out in different superhero costumes.  I'd love for you to take a listen every Thursday.

Live from the living room 
Thursday at 7:30pm 

To watch, head over to my Tyler Kealey Facebook page: 

I'm just going to play my heart out, covers, originals, some stories and maybe some guest appearances from whoever is walking through the house. 

If there was ever a time to be thankful for who you have around you, it's now. I would love to play for you and hear from you. If you aren't able to attend, I will post the video on my Live from the Living Room page afterwards.

If you're inclined you can also head to that page to send me a tip, but only if you feel like it!

Thanks for your support.


Tyler Kealey

singer. songwriter. Keys. Vocals

As a songwriter with an uncanny ability on his instrument, Tyler Kealey takes his audience on a journey with each performance. His dizzyingly quick piano solos and clear yet gritty vocals impress bluesy adventurousness at every turn. His upcoming EP, Mozart Candy, features strong pop hooks, layers of sampled synths, and psychedelic twists, re-imagining pop music as it’s known today.

New video: Spell