what is a house concert?

A house concert is a great way to experience excellent music, stories, and laughter in the intimacy of your own home. Booking Tyler for a house concert will create an unforgettable evening for you and your guests! 

A typical house concert includes some time for mingling, a set of music, a break for appetizers or a pot luck, then another set of music to wrap things up.  Expect to be entertained by stories and song: Tyler is a natural storyteller who brings a spark to each and every performance.  You’ll hear songs that are high-energy and infectious, to melodic and entrancing, plus get an inside look at the craft of songwriting.

Host your friends for a special occasion or just a night in - a house concert is a unique way to hear music right in the comfort of your own home.

House concert video.

"Tyler Kealey is an extraordinarily talented musician and entertainer who delivers a thoughtful, emotional, energetic and totally professional performance.  At a recent concert at our home,  Tyler captivated the audience through his lyrics, music and enthusiasm.   The attendees were unanimous in their praise of this gifted musician who has a special way of telling a personal story through his music." 

Jim Carter, House Concert Host, Barrhaven, ON


"Tyler Kealey...what a delight to have perform in my home! He is the type of musician that made you love both him AND his music. A gifted composer, he crosses into many ages groups as a favourite. Not to be missed!" 

Carole Evans, House Concert Host, Kanata, ON

Thinking of booking a concert in your home and have questions? 

What's the cost?

 You are welcome to set the price - it's usually something like $10 - $20 per guest. You could also pass the hat for donations for the artist if you prefer.

How many people can attend?
The beauty of a house concert is it's intimacy, and you can host anywhere from 20- 50 people, more, if you have the space.

Do I need to have a piano?
Nope! Tyler will bring his keyboards.

Can I book the duelling pianos for a house party?
A house concert is just Tyler, and while he may throw in a few covers, it's a listening room where your guests will be able to enjoy the quality of his original music, rather than a party.

How can I book a concert?
Email Tyler directly at info@tylerkealey.com or fill out the contact form!  We'll be in touch to discuss the date and address any other questions you might have,