Song 364: Years May Come (Irish Rovers)

Well, this is it! The second last song for the year and then this project is done. Today I set up my camera on a tripod and caught my reflection in the piano. I thought it was fitting since I wanted to look back on the songs that I've played this year - the covers that I've interpreted, the original songs I've freshly written or dusted off, the collaborations with other Ottawa musicians, and the fun family musical moments - all captured on video, one a day, the sum of a year of celebrating the music that I love.

Today's song always reminds me of my bandmate and good friend Greg McLaughlin. It's one of the many tunes he can reel off in a heartbeat, and I remember driving Paul McLaughlin and Greg from Wakefield to Venosta while they sang this song from the backseat.

I'll be on CBC Radio One (91.5) for the Ottawa Morning show tomorrow as well, around 7:30am to talk about the project if you'd like to tune in!