Eighteenth song: Join the Circus

Today will be a day jam-packed with music.  I had a great time on CKCU radio this morning, chatting with the wonderful Pat Moore, host of the Saturday morning show.  Pat's been a friend for awhile and got in touch regarding my song a day challenge, asking if I'd come on the air and talk about it, as well as play a few songs.  It was a nice opportunity to play a few songs live on the air, mostly original ones, including two that I haven't yet recorded.  The song that I opened with is a tune that's been hanging around my original catalog for awhile.  

It describes my observations from on top of the parking garage where I park every weekend, watching as the patron spill out into the Market after the bars close.  In the song I try to describe the theatrics and debauchery that I see as a satire of the circus. It's interesting to see people walk into a place, completely composed and quiet at 9pm, and the same people leaving at 3am, animated and like tightrope walkers trying to keep their balance. It's on the bluesy side, and it's the type of song I can picture Tom Waits singing.