Song 317: Pure Imagination

If there's a movie that my cousin Dustin and I know by heart, after having watched it 100 times as kids, it's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The new version is cool but I'm still fond of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, and I love the music from the original movie.

A few years back I went to see some friends of mine play at a jazz club and they played a really wicked version of this song - it was the first time I'd heard anyone perform it live. It's been in the back of my head to cover for my song a day challenge this year, and I finally got around to it today.

I tried to be imaginative/ creative with the form of this song so that the music would lend itself well to the theme of the words. I like the idea of playing it with the freedom to change tempo, and experimenting with it a little. Here's Pure Imagination.