Song 340: Harvest Moon by Neil Young

On the way home from picking up my son tonight, we saw an incredibly large, glowing orange moon in the sky. I had my guitar in the car, so we tried to follow the moon to a spot where we could potentially film this song outside.

Trying to play in the freezing cold, and trying to get a good shot of the moon on camera didn't work so well. Next, we tried a take inside the car, me and my guitar jammed behind the steering wheel. It didn't go so well either and the moon wasn't really visible. So, I ended up just doing it at home, and decided to take a pass and some sweeping rhythm (like I've heard there was on the recording). Instead of a solo in the solo section, I decided to throw in some more Canadian content into the mix. Guess the tune if you can - the video gives you a hint. Here is song #341: Harvest Moon.