Song 343: Dandelion (Tyler Kealey)

It's Tyler Kealey Tuesday and I decided to record another original song that I have been working on over the last little while. The inspiration for this song came from a memory I have of being in church in Venosta as a child, sitting upstairs and looking down at the people seated below. I remember gazing at the rows, and noticed many women with similar hairstyles - white, wavy, and to my young eyes, like a dandelion ready to blow away at the gentlest breeze. Maybe I was a daydreamer back then...maybe things haven't changed too much.

To film this one, I had a pretty clear idea of the sound of a cello weaving in and out of the melody of this song, so I contacted my friend Mike Yates who I've played with before, to see if he would help add some cello to the song. I was also lucky enough to use the United Church in Manotick thanks to Terry McGovern, as a backdrop. Thanks for watching this one!