Song 359: Christmas in the Valley (Wayne Rostad) - cover

Well, it was disappointing that we couldn't make it up to Venosta last night... but, you know that vow you make when you get married? That one about- "In sickness and in health"? This was one of those times when it was better to take care of my own little family here in Ottawa who are not feeling great instead of trying to push through for the sake of tradition. I know my little guy would have loved to see all his older cousins up there and I always look forward to singing some music and the gag gifts but hey, sometimes things just don't work out. So here is a tune that reminds me of the friends and family up the Gatineau. It's one by someone who is a bit of legend up the line- Mr. Wayne Rostad. I'm sure my aunt Patsy must have played this one last night.