Song 361: Mr. Bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker)

There is a man in Ottawa who many musicians, festival-goers and patrons may know as "Dancing Roy". His name is Roy Cowan and he is a living example of a senior who keeps himself going by staying active. If you've been around Ottawa long enough, you may have seen Roy dancing at his own pace to the music performed at any of the local music festivals or establishments. You may even see him dancing to the music of a busker in the market sometimes. Roy has got to be in his mid to late 80s and he has a real passion for music. I have chatted with him several times, and he always reminds me of how dancing to music is a passion for him and if you watch Roy as he waltzes along you can see the the tranquil smile on his face with every gentle step he takes.

I know that a good friend of mine Shawn Tavenier will often play the tune "Mr. Bojangles" for Roy when he makes an appearance downtown on occasions. I actually ran into Roy a couple of months ago and asked him if he would like to be in this video with me. He said he would love to and I took down his number. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get ahold of him so Roy if you are still out there somewhere, this one is for you!