Song 365: The Last Song (Tyler Kealey)

Can you believe it? 365 songs this year, and I haven't gone insane (I don't think?) For my final song of the year, I thought I would come full circle and record the same song I did on day 1 - it's a song I wrote called The Last Song.

The words are, oddly enough about making it through something like this - pursuing music and maintaining integrity. I wasn't sure how I wanted to film it - on day 1 I used an iPhone cam and was alone at my piano. This time, I knew I wanted to include as many of the people who helped me out with the videos this year as possible, and my good friend Peter came up with an idea that I loved, and he really helped me make it happen. I'm lucky to have so many great musicians that were able to come out and help with this last song.

There are so many people to thank that helped me out with this video and all year too, and many other people I wanted to do a song with but didn't get to. All in all though, I'm happy with how everything came out this year. Thanks so much for following my songs this year - I hope you enjoy this one - and all the best in 2015!