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People People

Tyler Kealey

I've been taking a good long look at the world we live in and the gadgets we are addicted to and what it's doing to us as a society. I've been blending and tweaking some synth sounds and samples. I've been pulling inspiration from jazz, rock, hip hop, and pop.

Here it is: “People People,” my latest single. It’s an observation on how beautiful and ugly the human race can be on this crazy planet of ours.

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People People - new track

Produced by Johnny Hall Productions & Corvidae Studio
Video and edit by Jonathan Edwards for Corvidae Studio
Audio recording and mix by Eric Eggleston for Johnny Hall Productions
Additional engineering by Paul Mitchel for Event Horizon Productions

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The making of People People

Produced by Eric Eggleston & Tyler Kealey
Recorded and mixed by Eric Eggleston for Johnny Hall Productions
Mastered by Maurico Gargel
Featuring Precise Kenny Creole & Brian Asselin.

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