Song 117: Daughters by John Mayer

My cousin Brett and his wife Bonnie recently became proud new parents to their healthy daughter Madison. Our family held a baby shower for Brett and Bonnie today at my parent's house and it's neat to see how a whole new generation of kids are filling up the family functions. Just like the spring, new life begins and it was great to meet another member of our family.

With this in mind I decided today's song should be “Daughters” by John Mayer. I’m a big fan of John’s work because I think he has it all: from singing to songwriting to performing. He has a unique tone to his voice that is instantly recognizable, and he sings with such dynamics from a soft falsetto to a growling bluesy gritty tone. Anyone who would try to peg him for just a blues guitar player would be incredibly naive and sadly mistaken. His song writing is just as strong as his guitar playing. In my opinion, he can hold his own in all departments and I think a song like “Daughters” is just one of many examples of his natural and obvious talent.

I’ve always enjoyed playing this one. The chord progression opens up some nice opportunities for some improvisation. Here is a piano cover of “Daughters” by John Mayer.