Song 225: Cold As Ice by Foreigner

I didn't really have idea for today's song until Carol Evans - a real estate agent in Ottawa and a huge supporter of music (I've played a house concert or town based on her recommendation) tagged me on Facebook with a challenge to support the ALS Foundation: to donate $100 or dump a bucket of ice cold water on my head within 24 hours.

Well, this year is all about challenges isn't it?  So I thought of a song that would go well with today's extra challenge, and got it recorded before my evening gig.  I'll be playing at the Marshes this evening, and if anyone wants to come out and donate to the ALS cause, I'll pass those contributions along as well.  I also tagged Derick Fage, host of one of the best morning shows in Ottawa, to take part as well.  So here is today's video!