Song 272: Pressure by Billy Joel

I know I have things pretty good. I'm surrounded by a happy, healthy family, I get to play music for a living, and I have great friends. You know when you just have one of those days though?

When you try to catch up on things that seem to slip by the wayside until they just can't wait anymore, and although they should be simple, stretch out into frustration. Like the cold that just won't let you get a good sleep, not to mention overdue bills of every kind piling up...oh yeah and the parenting thing.

Yet with all of these things building up, the pressure of a deadline to produce a recording of some kind can push you to try a little harder and squeeze through another day. I decided this song - Pressure, by Billy Joel, would fit my frame of mind lately. So we filmed it today and it was really hard to get a good take of this one! Tomorrow will be better, right?